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Trans Healthcare Worldwide SRS Surgeon Directory

Dr. Peter Haertsch                                    Surgeon

Sydney, Australia

Plastic Surgery Associates

Surgery: Suite 209, 2 Pembroke Street

Epping, Sydney, NSW 2121, Australia.

Phone 02 9868 5155

Fax 02 9868 5360

Pre-Operative Brochure: "Patient Information"



Simon Ceber                                                Surgeon

51 Edgevale Road, Kew, Melbourne, Vic, 3101, Australia.

Phone 03 9819 4144

Also C/- Gender Dysphoria Clinic,

Department of Adult Psychiatry,

Monash Medical Centre

246 Clayton Road, Clayton, Melbourne, Vic, 3168, Australia.

Phone 03 8541 6303

Andrew Ives                                                Surgeon

The Avenue Specialist Centre

22 The Avenue, Windsor Vic 3181

Phone 03 9533 2019

Fax 03 9078 4404



Mr Ives performs:
M-F genital gender reassignment
F-M top/ chest surgery

For any patients wanting information on how Mr Ives performs the surgery or the costing involved in having surgery. I would be more than happy to book them in for consultation. They will require a referral letter from their GP and a letter from their treating psychiatrist.

Dr Megan Hassell                                      Surgeon

North Shore Medical Centre, Suite 11, 6th Floor,

66 Pacific Hwy, St Leonards, Sydney, NSW 2065, Australia.

( For FtM  Chest only)


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